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"E" Wagon on the Ring line.

«Е» Wagons were mass-produced during 1963-1969, although prototypes existed since 1959.

Currently, the non-modified «Е» wagons are being held in a museum or an office. On july 27th 2015 the last passenger «Е» wagon was stopped in the «Darnitsa» electro-depot and was dismantled for the modernized wagon type EK-KM-PM. On November 15th 2015, in honour of the 60th anniversary of the St. Petersburg subway, 3935-3369-3427-3934 were restored in the original color.

Previously, «Е» wagons operated in the St. Petersburg subway until the March of 2015, Moscow until 2008 and Baku until 2001. Until then the «Е» wagons operated as intermediate wagons, the last time an «Е» cabin was used was back in 2006, Moscow, filyevskaya line.

«Е» Cabin in its operating state.
«Е» Cabin Interior.

The «Е» wagon differs itsel from the «D» wagons by the presence of corrugation strips (the first «Е» experimental wagon No. 3001 had corrugation strips on the lower part of the wagon-body). «Е» wagons also had wider doors, but had no windows between the last door and the end-face of a cabin. Because of this, a new model called «ЕM» model was created on the basis of the «Е» wagon. Since 1979 the moscow metro had wagons of the «Е» series and the «ЕM» series. The last «Е» wagon was used back in 2008 (No. 3605), it was fully operating in the moscow metro. Each axle of the wagon is driven by a separate electric-motor DC-108A with an hour power of 67kW through the gimbal. The rheostat used regrouping-engines when starting, when starting (X1), and when accelerating (X2) the engines are connected in series, when then controller is in the (X3) position, the (PP) initializes and the connection is doubled.

«Е» Wagon on Metrostroi.

The «Е» wagon has been modified to look the same as the moscow «Е» intermediate and head as well. The «Е» wagon can can couple itself with EM, EMA, E, EM-508 and/or the EM-509. These wagons are mostly used as intermediate, due to the fact they do not use ARS/ALS at all.