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gm_metro_ruralline Archive

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Market Street
Aviation University
City Hall
White Forest
Urban Park

gm_metro_ruralline archive

gm_metro_ruralline is a two year old map project what i started doing after 2016. map has been updated 31 times with new stuff and removing old.

since from V29 update, map has not been getting any major updates and map has been getting just boring and out of date with that.

This addon is just a for older maps (v1,v28, v29).

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map info

need to update this part

Ruralline is an unusual Metrostroi map due to it primarily being an overground map. It is a map that connects rural parts of ex-USSR territory in a scenery-dense environment.
Between most stations, there is a 60-70 km/h speed limit under a 1/5 ALS frequency. However, this will be improved to 80 km/h with future optimizations in the next V30 update.

The Ruralline is a nickname for the whole metro line, which is named the Blueline. It consists of 7 total stations, with one station out of service.


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About support

Support is not provided for archive pack anymore.

Map Version history

Map name Version Signals Tracks Announcer Workshop links Notes
gm_metro_rural_line V1 Yes Yes No [Download] Very first version of the map.
gm_metro_rural_line V2 Yes Yes No N/A Replaced by v2.2 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.1 Yes Yes No N/A releases from v1 until v2.8 used same name, so updates 2.1 - 2.7 aren't compatible with V1 update.
gm_metro_rural_line V2.2 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.3 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.3 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.4 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.4 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.5 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.5 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.6 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.6 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.7 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.7 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.8 update.
gm_metro_rural_line_2 V2.8 Yes Yes yes [Download] Stable build, old signaling system (DURA era)
gm_metro_ruralline V2.9 Yes Yes Yes [Download] Unstable build and has weird signaling system.
gm_metro_ruralline Snow update Had Had Had N/A Removed 20/11/2018
gm_metro_ruralline Final" n/a n/a n/a N/A Final update for Ruralline map series.
gm_metro_cyanline V1 n/a n/a n/a n/a Updated map of Ruralline series.
gm_metro_blueline V1 n/a n/a n/a n/a Same as cyanline but longer map.
  • Signals - Signals, Routes, ARS/ALS Frequencies
  • Tracks - Track information, working signals
  • Announcer - Built-in Announcer has sounds & data for map


Market street

Market street


Ravenholm station

Aviation University

Aviation university station

City Hall

City hall station

White Forest

White forest station

Urban park

Urban park station


Rocklake station