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Today, December 18th 2016, was released metrowagons type Ezh/Ezh1.

Update already available like an addon and on github page.

Oldy thanks all, who participated in this update realization. Especially thank glebqip, for help in scripts, RHINO, for the generous contribution on Patreon page and Richard Sen for the help with event organization and trailer making.

Sorry for such a quite long wait for the players, but, as had already mentioned somewhere, such long work on the update is related to the volume of changes that it brings, and, despite the fact that the model itself was prepared in September, its final completion painstakingly lasted the entire time. I also thank players for their patience and waiting.

I hope you enjoy it, what was able to realize.


  • Added metrowagons type Ezh/Ezh1 with ARS MP system.
  • Added new skins: Fili, APL, SL, KRL, Marininsky APL.
  • Added new interior textures.
  • Added new arrows for speedometer, manometer and other.
  • Added new models for tumblers, buttons, switches.
  • Edited schemes of wagons type E - some part of scheme now corresponds to real analogue. In particular, added correct working "Door state" button, compressor isn't working when disabled AV8-b high voltage switch.
  • Added emergency controlling for E type wagons (KRU analogue).
  • Edited some Em508 and E textures.
  • Added "Turn reversers" button for working on emergency control at E types.
  • Fixed Emergency lightning - Emergency lightning in cabin and interior now working when enabled batteries and emergency lightning tumbler.
  • Added lamp for devices.
  • Added ARS MP system for Ezh type wagons (overspeed on this system reduced, for example if limit is 60km/h, overspeed will be in 58km/h).
  • Added new disconnect valve model.
  • Edited some switch sounds.
  • New train bodies now uses new lightning model.
  • Added dk108a engine scripts, and braking resistors of E wagons.

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