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gm_metro_ruralline Archive

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End of line
Market Street
Aviation University
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White Forest
Urban Park

gm_metro_ruralline archive

gm_metro_ruralline is first map in metorstroi history to be mostly outside based map. Map was released Monday of 27/02/2017 with very version begin tested on MFIN server, (Today Metrostroi Europe).
Since then ruralline has been updated many times until V29 became it's last major update in 29.7.2017, since then there has been many new versions of the map what have not been released.
Currently V30 update is hoped to be released this year.

gm_metro_ruralline_legacypack is a storage for all old maps from V1 until V29 +snow, Even V30 will be part of the legacy pack even when it's fully new release.
Reason for this is that the future maps have a new backstory written for them and developer wants to build fully new layout for the maps.
V30 uses old content from V29 while all future maps have fully new content made for them.

map info

gm_metro_ruralline is a 70% overground and 30% tunnels map build by GamerzXsakuzboy99 when he did not have that much knowledge of the mapping, but overtime map got somewhat better until V29 was released.
This version broke almost everything from the map and it has stayed like that since 2017, But even still this fact. Map is played very often on non-ranked / ranked servers alike.
This is due the fact of simple layout what map has, only having a Left / Right trackage without any extra curves what other maps offer. Still Map is very popular among new players.
Players have been of course been waiting for update due Rocklake - depot section is very badly designed area as it was meant to be temporary. Same time all station sections are very short so map can only have 6 trains active on both tracks.

Recommended settings

These settings are recommended by map developer.

  • Only 6 trains allowed on the line due the length of the line.
  • Map supports 4 wagons but it is tight at market street dead-end due the miscalculated length, Dead-end supports only 3 wagons.
  • Passenger numbers: 50
  • Voltage: 850
Commands what need to be added to server.ctg
  • sv_crazyphysics_defuse 0
  • sv_crazyphysics_remove 0
  • sv_crazyphysics_vehicles 0
  • sv_crazyphysics_warning 0

About support

Support is provided only if there is need, V30 update will get full support until future map is released what is fully new map.
maps with _ns are not supported by map developer at all nor they don't have support by new announcer pack.


These are addons what have been made for ruralline, they are either 3rd party or released by RMDT (Rockport metropolitan development and testing)

Maps in the Archive

Map name Version Signals Tracks Announcer Support? Notes
gm_metro_rural_line V1 No No No No Very first version of the map.
gm_metro_rural_line V2 No No No No Added back on 24/12/2020 as Xmas update.
gm_metro_rural_line V21 n/a n/a n/a n/a Version lost...
gm_metro_rural_line V22 n/a n/a n/a n/a Version lost...
gm_metro_rural_line V23 n/a n/a n/a n/a Version lost...
gm_metro_rural_line V24 n/a n/a n/a n/a Version lost...
gm_metro_rural_line V25 No No No No Added back on 24/12/2020 as part of Xmas update.
gm_metro_rural_line V26 No No No No Added back on 24/12/2020 as part of Xmas update.
gm_metro_rural_line V27 No No No No Added back on 24/12/2020 as part of Xmas update.
gm_metro_rural_line_2 V28 No No No No Stable build, old signaling system (DURA era)
gm_metro_ruralline V29 Yes Yes External announcer pack Limited support Unstable build
gm_metro_ruralline V30 Yes Yes External announcer pack Yes After long time, a new version is in the works for the map. (NOT RELEASED YET!)
gm_metro_ruralline Snow update Yes Yes External announcer pack No Removed 20/11/2018 Added back on 22/12/2020 as part of Xmas update.
  • Signals - Signals, Routes, ARS/ALS Frequencies
  • Tracks - Track information, working signals
  • Announcer - Built-in Announcer has sounds & data for map
  • Support? - Is map supported by RMDT & GamerzXsakuzboy99

Changelog of the map pack

Update date What changed?
11 July 2021 - Fixed Urban park ex:terminal platfrom, now has passengers waiting trains.
- Fixed Urban park "wrong-way" opening switch. now it works normally.
- Fixed duplicated station number at Rocklake.
9 July 2021 - Updated signalling system.
- Updated name of the .gma file.
24 December 2020 - Added all old removed/overwritten maps to the pack.
- Updated signalling on V29 & v29_snow.
- Removed old announcers. (replaced by RPM announcer pack)
22 December 2020 - Added gm_metro_ruralline_v29_snow back to the pack.
- Added signalling for snow update.
16 November 2020 - Fixed global station teleports.
14 November 2020 - Fixed broken station teleports.
4 May 2020 - Reverted map name changes. (read more at steam page)
13 April 2020 - Merged content pack and maps together.
- Added new signalling system.
20 November 2018 - Removed snow map

Stations (v1- V29)

note these texts are part of the old backstory.

Market Street

Market Street is a small community outskirts of the Lakeview, very known locally for it's big Market street what is turned into market every summer.
Station has two parts: Old and new parts, Newer part is build to replace old 3 wagon long section as station back then did not have dead-end, older station part is build in 1953.

In current format station is hated by local people due the fact it was not build into same form as old one was. same time station and dead-end created a long cut into neighbourhood by destroying older buildings out of dead-end way.


Ravenholm is the older station of Market Street area, build as a temporary station when market Street under works to be extended to 4 wagons long.
Today Ravenholm is closed station due the fact there is no need for the station anymore.
Ravenholm has lot of old lamps and chairs stored nowadays.

Aviation University

Aviation university is as name says a biggest school in whole Rockport, nowadays all the schooling of the flying in the country is done at Rockport aviation university.
Station is located under the old runway what was used for small airplanes.

City Hall station

City Hall station is a station located in small city canter of Tenoke, Nowadays City part of Rockport so station name is somewhat obsolete due that.
Station was rebuild few years back to bring new shopping centre for city, but Rockport pulled a plug on the project when it was noticed that it would attract needed numbers of people.
Today most of the shops and other side of the station hall is closed off, leaving only a walk ways to station open. Local people have been campaign to get rid of station building and replaced with newer station.

White Forest station

White forest station is a small halt station just outskirts of the Tenoke, back a day it used to be very popular stop for day trips due the fact near the station there was Tenoke theme park.
But sadly this station was closed in 1989. so day most of use what station sees is local people from nearby neighbourhoods.
Station is very simply build so there is not lot of stuff. Night services turn around at the station as rest of the line to rocklake is closed at nights.

Urban Park station

Urban park station is biggest station on the line due the fact it was build as big interchange between busses and trams. same time station used to be end of the line for the Ruralline.
Nowadays station is mostly empty of shops or any essentials like rest of the line due the fact line is planned to be closed in upcoming years due low ridership.
Station has connection to Military tunnel, but switches are faulty so line is not used.

Rocklake (v29)

Rocklake is newest station on the line just 10 years old, but has very sad story due it's not fully done station. Station only has single platform open while rest of the station is closed.
This is due the fact line was meant to be extended by 4 new station, But that plan was abounded due founds ran out and transport company does not want to extend the line anymore or even operate it.
But they are forced by the City until end of year 2021.


Rocklake Depot, Depot is has weird history of begin very far from the line at first until Rocklake station was build.
If you go to Depot area you can see lot of abandoned projects what were meant to make line better but were abandoned due founds running out.
Like the big Dispatch building what was meant to house whole-line panel where line could be operated, this build is now mostly empty.

Stations (v30)