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«D» Subway Wagons were mass-produced during 1955 and 1963, they operated in different subways, such as the Moscow Subway (until 1995), The St. Petersburg Subway (until 1992), in Nizhny Novgorod. (The «D» wagons were transfered from the Moscow Subway, and operated until 1992), and in the Kiev Subway. (Until 1969, they were transfered to Leningrad).

«D» Wagons.


There were about 662 cars of this type, only some of the cars operated in the Kiev Subway and used electric-related batteries and locomotive power. Some of the "D" Cars as well are currently stored in the Moscow Museum, and a «D» wagon is also being used in the St. Petersburg Subway, «D» wagons were also used to freight-deliveries.

Tehcnical Information.

Voltage: 750 V. Number of cars used in Subways: 6-7. Seats: 44. Lenght of the car: 19 166 mm. Widht: 2700 mm. Height: 3695 mm. Wheel diameter: 900 mm. Track width: 1524 mm. Tare weight: 36.2 t. Output power: 4×72 kW. TED type: DC-104. Max. speed: 75 km /h. Electric braking: Rheostat.

Operating cities

  • Moscow-1955-1995
  • St. Petersburg-1955-1992
  • Kiev-1960-1969 (in 1969 they were transfered to Leningrad).
  • Nizhny Novgorod-1985-1993 (one train was transfered from Moscow).