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Available languages: Русский · English · 한국어

Metrostroi has several commands and convars available for use and configuration by clients and server administrators. Console commands and convars are divided into 3 groups:


Name Default Description
metrostroi_current_limit 4000 Current limit on substation (amps).
It is recommended to set a value of at least 10000
metrostroi_maxtrains 3 Sets the maximum number of trains that will be allowed to be spawned.
metrostroi_maxtrains_onplayer 1 Sets the maximum number of train wagons that each player will be allowed to spawn.
metrostroi_maxwagons 3 Sets the maximum number of wagons per train.
metrostroi_train_requirethirdrail 1 If this is set to 1, trains will behave as if a 3rd rail is present and powered regardless of whether it actually is.
This can also be set through the GUI under Utilities, Metrostroi, Admin.
It is the only way to use Metrostroi trains on non-Metrostroi maps.
metrostroi_passengers_scale 50 Amount of passengers on stations as a relative value in arbitrary units.
High values can cause performance problems and instability!
metrostroi_voltage 750 Sets the current to be delivered along the 3rd rail (volts)


To open the console, enable "Enable developer console" in the "Advanced" settings under "Keyboard" and press ~ or shift + esc. Alternatively, everything here except the train rerailer is available in the GUI under Utilities, Metrostroi, Client.

Name Default Description
metrostroi_cabfov 75 Sets the field of view (in degrees) that will be applied while sat in a metro cab
metrostroi_disablecamaccel 0 If this value is set to 1, the "camera acceleration" effect which simulates the forces of inertia on acceleration and deceleration by moving the camera around will be disabled.
metrostroi_disablehovertext 0 If this value is set to 1, the tooltips on buttons and switches will be hidden.
metrostroi_drawdebug 0 If this value is set to 1, the "Debug" mode for developers is enabled.
If you see green squares on train, then make sure this is set to 0.
metrostroi_drawcams 1 If this value is set to 1, the CCTV cameras in the 81-722 will be enabled.
Set this to 0 if you have low FPS.
metrostroi_language "" Sets the localization language of Metrostroi.
metrostroi_rerail No value Puts train back on rails. Pointer must be looking on train.
Not recommended to use it on corners and track switches!

Chat Commands

Name Description
!sopen Opens a signal or assembles a route.
Example: !sopen MN4-2.
!sclose Closes a signal or disassembles a route.
Example: !sclose MN4-2.
!sopps Opens an invitation signal.
Example: !sopps MND.
!sclps Closes an invitation signal.
Example: !sclps MND.
!sactiv Enable backup signals of automatic blocking system (autoblock).
Example: !sactiv * - to enable all signals or
!sactiv 511-512 - to enable between stations 511 and 512.
!sdeactiv Disables the backup signals of autoblock.
!station Teleport to station.
Example: !station avto or !station 108 - Teleporting to station "Автозаводская" (Avtozavodskaya).
!trains Outputs information about the number of trains and wagons on server.