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The Big One Update

New EMUs:

- Metrocar type "D" (81-702) head and intermediate in several variations of color. The electrical circuits of the type "D" is completely similar to the real trains operating in the Moscow metro at underground lines.

- Metrocar type "Em-501" (intermediate) and "Ema-502" (head) in the St. Petersburg's dark blue color. The cars are made in several variations of the cabin and control methods.

- Updated types 81-717 and 81-714, and the corresponding modifications of various manufacturers for the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The model is made in several modifications, color variants

- Metrocars type 81-718 and 81-719 with the Thyristor-Impulse control system made in modification of the city of Kharkov.

New game features:

"Train-spawner" - has become much more lighter and clean. Now it is enough to choose an interesting train with the number of cars and press spawn!

New functions:

Pressing R when you hold train spawner now opens spawner menu

Left mouse click on train applies new properties from spawner

Seals now breaks with a right mouse click!

Changed tooltips.

Reverser wrenches now has unique number for each player.

A new train spawn state function - from cold & dark (brick) to fully ready to drive.

We have updated the reverser wrench, how long you asked for it!

Each type of trains now has its own, unique characteristics and driving style.

The coupler now has a nice menu with actions. Also we added a coupler camera, now you can more easily couple the trains!

Global update of sounds - we made a new system for motion sound, unique for each type of trains, added new different types of engine sounds, motion noise, pneumatic valves, compressors, contactors, KV, buttons and switches, BPSN sounds, and many other.

Try to ride in open areas!

Changed the distance between the cars. Now it is real, and not fitted to the horizontal lift station from gm_metrostroi

Simulation of voltage dips in control circuits and interior lighting.

Correct operation of driver's valves 334 and 013, delay time, relay trips, relay and contactor sounds.

Each wagon has a non-repeating shade, wagons with the same color will have small differences in color, due to different types of paint and wear conditions.

Wall line schemes, route and destination signs. Is it for passengers?

Optimization and performance:

A new system hiding train elements at a distance. Now you can set the range of train elements render. Waiting for your feedback about it! You can set the render range at Q -> Utilities -> Metrostroi -> Client.

A pop-up message that displays to the user about missing necessary content or addon.

To play with multiple monitors, now you can check "Don't unload an elements when minimized".

Also you can disable additional shadows from headlights and gauges at client settings.

Added a new setting to force all trains elements to render at any distance. It will make your screenshots a bit better.

A new system of headlights glow, giving a halo to the light source.

A new kind of halos from all lighting lamps, a new backlight of the gauges on the old types of trains.

Significantly improved appearance of luminous elements and gauges.


Train body color randomization system has improved.

Frequencies and some signalling errors were fixed.

Changed auto-coupler model.

Addon has been translated into Czech, German, Finnish, French, Korean and Polish. Thanks to Silverpilen_CZ, Davids_Trains, nikKe, Dannuuu, Link-Skywalker, ForZac, Archerity and Elkm for translation.

Cars type “E”:

Fixed UAVA animation

Color of the button covers

Seals for autobreakers like VU

Interior and cabin materials and textures

Slightly changed control panel

Added new animations and textures for switches and buttons

Added fire extinguisher to the cabin

Added new master-controller skins

Added new interior lamps glow

Changed reflection properties on some part of model

Removed not transparent glass in gauges

New textures for emergency brake handle and driver’s valve #334

Improved sounds of some elements and switches

Fixed missing gauge lamp glow

Changed collision and width of doorways

Headlights and spotlight glow

Red lights glow

Cars type Ezh:

Fully remade cabin and control elements appearance

Changed visual appearance of the digital speedometer

Improved lamps glow of the new control panel

Changed work of the “SEQUENCE” (“СЕКВЕНЦИЯ”) lamp - now shows rotating of the rheostatic controller

ARS circuits disconnector now works fine

Improved cabin lighting

Changed elements signs, color and positions of the switches

Improved elements animations

Changed interior appearance

Added covers

Added new doors that change their skin as body skin

Changed interior lighting tone

Changed collision and width of doorways

“AB” buttons lamps now has backlight and light up with no ARS frequency (“OCh”)

Cars type Ezh3:

Fixed cabin lighting

Slightly changed control panel texture

Changed animation and sound of the master-controller

Removed excess switches

Changed lamps glow on control panel

Fixed KRU work

Fixed ARS work

Fixed EPV work

Slightly changed interior appearance

Fixed error of sorting transparent and glowing models that lead to interior lighting groups and some details disappearance

Much changed beeping of the thyristor regulator control unit

Changed thyristor work and made some changed into electric circuits

Changed ring sound

Fixed work of the “Ring” and “Disable lighting” buttons

Cars type 81-720:

Changed gauge panel and gauges backlight appearance

Changed some interior textures

Added glasses to the interior

Slightly changed body color

Changed some materials that lead to strong reflections

Changed interior lighting

Changed sound of the opening and closing doors

Slightly changed intermediate appearance, fixed missing model details

Added fire extinguisher

Changed ring sound corresponding to the real

Changed KU logic

Changed “Vityaz-1” system backlight

Cars type 81-722:

Changed control panel appearance

Changed control panel skin

Removed some stickers

Fixed fire extinguisher in the cabin

Slightly changed textures of the cabin, body and interior

Improved cabin and interior lighting

Improved gauges backlight

Changed master-controller and its sounds and logic

Changed screen elements and menu appearance