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Important:Due to a bug in the Garry's Mod sound engine you may need to manually unpack Content Pack 6 into your addons folder and unsubscribe from this addon to avoid crashes.

Playing in Singleplayer

It is highly recommended that you create a dedicated server on your local network even when just playing by yourself (it will be visible in the LAN tab in the Garrys mod server list). There is a separate guide for installing and configuring a dedicated server here.

Legacy Content

For a dedicated server you DO NOT NEED to download the content from the Github repository anymore, it is highly recommended that you delete the Github Content if you still have it. If you did not know about the Metrostroi Github (you installed Metrostroi after the August 2, 2017 Update) then ignore about this paragraph. Old addons like the 81-717.6, Ema cargo or Drivable Trams - MUST BE unsubscribed from or deleted.


To get the best possible performance make use that you are using the latest versions of Garry's Mod, Metrostroi and any Metrostroi maps. In the "Advanced" section of you Garry's Mod video settings please also ensure the following:

  • "Model detail" and "Texture detail" are set to "High" (Solves the problem of invisible doors, bodies and bogeys).
  • "Antialiasing mode" is set to anything other than "None" (Solves the problem with the transparency of some elements including windows).
  • "Shadow detail" is set to "High" (Solves the problem with lights from backlighting).

Reducing the video settings in the game will not improve game performance, because of the Source Engine!!

Important:If 81-722 and ASNP displays don't work properly try to disable the Discord game overlay (if installed)