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Driving an 81-717 in Metrostroi

About Metrostroi

Metrostroi is a free modification (add-on) for Garry's Mod. In Metrostroi, you can feel like a conductor in the cab of a real metro train with all of the main electric, pneumatic and physical systems of the train accurately modelled and simulated. Every component of every train has true-to-life physical properties and the trains and maps have realistic sound effects.

The 2018 version includes the following trains:

  • 81-702 ("D" type)
  • E, Ezh, Ezh1
  • 81-717/714 (Moscow and SPB types)
  • Ezh3, Em508T
  • Ema502, Em501 (From KVL and NVL)
  • 81-718/719 (TISU from Kharkiv)
  • 81-720/721 "Yauza" (DC from 1997)
  • 81-722/723/724 "Yubileyniy"

Metrostroi is a prototype for Subtransit.


Metrostroi is an addon for Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod is available on Steam for $10/£7, although it is frequently reduced in Steam sales.

Once you have purchased and installed Garry's Mod through Steam (or if you have already done so previously) you must then subscribe to the Metrostroi addons in the Steam Workshop. They will then be installed, at which point you must open the game and let them be unpacked and mounted. Follow these instructions precisely:

  1. Subscribe to all addons listed in this collection by clicking the "Subscribe to all" button above the list.
  2. Wait for the "Garry's Mod - Workshop Content" item in your downloads queue to complete.
  3. Launch Garry's Mod and wait for the addons to unpack and mount. The process is complete when the loading box at the bottom of the screen disappears.

Note: The first time launching Garry's Mod after downloading large addons such as Metrostroi may take a while. Please be patient, even if the game appears to have crashed!

Important:In the "Advanced" section of the Video settings in Garry's Mod, "Model detail", "Shadow Detail" and "Texture detail" must be set to "High" or the trains and levels may not display correctly. Additionally, "Anti-aliasing" must be set to at least 2x MSAA to prevent visual bugs with transparency in glass panels, headlights etc. Reducing graphics settings has very little effect on Metrostroi performance in Garry's Mod due to the age of the Source engine.
Important:If you are experiencing missing models/materials (pink and black chequered tiles and flashing red "ERROR"s) and/or strange bugs or errors, you can force Steam/Garry's Mod to reinstall Metrostroi. Right click on Garry's Mod in your library, go to Properties, then the Local Files tab and click Browse. Open the "garrysmod" folder and delete all files and folders related to Metrostroi in the "addons" and "data" folders. Please note that some maps may have missing models/materials if they are in development or unfinished, and that reinstalling Metrostroi will not fix these.
Important:These addons are incompatible with the current version of Metrostroi: 81-717.6, Ema cargo, Drivable Trams. They MUST be deleted & unsubscribed from or disabled in the Addons menu in Garry's Mod, or Metrostroi will encounter unexpected errors and problems!
Important:As of the 2nd of August 2017 you NO LONGER NEED the downloaded content from the Github. It is highly recommended to delete this content if you still have it. If you did not know about the Metrostroi Github content then you can safely ignore this warning.

Singleplayer Game

Due to limitations in the Source engine, playing Metrostroi in the normal singleplayer mode provided in Garry's Mod is not recommended as performance will be extremely poor, with single-digit frames per second. Additionally, no amount of lowering graphics settings will help performance, as these performance problems are CPU related (more specifically, Garry's Mod can only use very few CPU threads, which is bad for intensive simulators). Instead, it is highly recommended to create a dedicated server in your local network. Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

You can still play by yourself, by simply creating a server then joining it alone.

Multiplayer game

To play on public servers with other players, you can either host your own server or join an existing one.

To join an existing Metrostroi server, open Garry's Mod, click "Find Multiplayer game" and search by key map names such as those at the bottom of this page. The maps themselves are separate addons to Metrostroi; make sure you install the map on your end first, so that you can check the map's required addons and make sure they are installed, otherwise you may see missing textures (pink and black chequered tiles) and red flashing "ERROR"s. The required addons can often differ from Metrostroi defaults, Garrygrad content and vary from map to map as well as sometimes being completely unrelated to Metrostroi.

There are two types of servers: ranked and unranked. In ranked servers you need to pass exams to drive a train, which are not recommended for new players. Unranked servers are free-to-drive, where you can spawn and drive without any exams. A given server will generally indicate what type of game it hosts, but if it is not indicated it is usually unranked. Servers are hosted by the community so there is unfortunately not much consistency between them, their communities and the content available. Because of this, not much concrete guidance on multiplayer gameplay can be provided.

Instructions on how to set up your own server be found here.

Driving Manuals

PDF manuals for the Metrostroi trains are available here. Please note that these are currently only in Russian, but will hopefully be translated soon. A basic driving guide is available in English here. It focuses on the 81-717 although most of the basic principles apply to all of the trains.


You can find a list of officially recognised Metrostroi maps including Workshop links and supported features here.

Other train maps (sometimes referred to as "trainbuild" maps) are available, although Metrostroi does not officially work with/support them, and there will be no simulated power supply, ARS, etc. For the best experience you should always seek dedicated Metrostroi maps.