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This page will introduce you through the Train Basics of all the metrostroi-related trains, and how they function.


Most of the time in this guide we will referr to the 81-717, and show its basic functions that also the whole 81 series uses.

The Train Basics will also show the start-up of the train from "Cold and Dark" and how to accelerate/decelerate while driving.

ARS and ALS.

The ARS is the definition of "Automatic Regulation Speed", which is a system that helps the train not to go over

designated speed-limits, this prevents train-crashes that could cause inconveniences and death to the passengers.

The ALS is the "Automatic Locomotive System", this helps the locomotive itself to drive and operate, both ARS and ALS are needed to be

enabled together to fully operate a train from the 81 series.

The KV (Master Controller).

The KV, or commonly the master controller, is the fundamental tool to accelerate with your train. The KV uses the X as meaning of an acceleration, and the T as a deceleration (braking).


X1, X2, X3.

T1, T1A, T2.

Control-Panel of the Cabin

The Control-Panel of the Cabin is probably the most important thing about the train, and helps it operate.

We will split the Control-Panel in various pieces:


Radio and doors,

ARS and ALS,

Lighting and Headlights,

ASNP (Radio Device),

Red Buttons (ARS-S Brake Perception B, and ARS Brake perception B),

Pneumatic Valve N'1.

All these pieces contain the structure of the Control panel.

Most importantly, we have the valves, they are located on the under-right side of the Control-Panel.

The LVZ has the Driver's valve disconnect valve, which is the blue valve, and the EPK (ARS Electropneumatic valve) which is located on the right-most under-side of the cabin, it's a valve as well.

The MVM has the Train line valve and the Brake line disconnect valve and the Train line disconnect valve and the EPK.

To fully startup the train, these valves are a must to be opened while driving, to cancel the irritating noise of the valves, it is recommended to check that ARS is enabled, and that the attention pedal is pressed.

Starting the train from "Cold and Dark"

1. Be sure to spawn the train at the deposit of which-ether map you are in. (!station depot)

2. Spawn your train, before spawning it, you can customize it by using the menu, select the 81-717 Custom head and set its state to "Cold and Dark".

3. At that point, the train should look like it's sleeping, basically dark.

4. All doors are to be closed in the train, go in the rear-red-panel of both cabins (front and rear) and you should see some unticked "buttons", A49, A53 and A63, tick all of them on.

5. Turn on the power in both cabins. 6. Go outside of the train, and go on the right-side of it, walk along, and you should see, by walking and looking at the side of the train, a "main switch", pull it up, this applies for every side and for every switch you actually find.

7. Go in the rear cabin, and enable the ALS, the Cabin lighting, the Passenger Compartment lighting and the headlights, also pull the EPK valve to an opened position.

8. Turn the power in the middle cabins, they are located above the wagon door, you should be able to see it.

9. Go in the front insert the reverser key (SHIFT-0) and put it to 0 (0), check both right and left doors (A and/or D), they both must open, then close them by using V, they must close.

10. Enable ARS and ALS, open driver's disconnect valve and the EPK, hold the attention pedal.

11. Enable the Low Frequency Amplifier Switch, the sound in cabin switch and the Announcer.

12. Enable the Lighting, Cabin lighting, Passenger Compartment Lighting and headlights, including the dim/bright ones.

13. Customize the ASNP (Radio Announcer, this although depends on the server/map you are in).

14. Go outside of the train and go in front of it, set the last station your train will go to, and the line numbers.

15. Go inside of your train, and hold the Attention pedal, due to constant beeping, and turn on the power of the depot, there should be a cable that connects the power to the train, it's on the right-side of the train, connect it to the second wagon of your train.

16. Turn on the power of the cable.

17. Ask your DSCP (Dispatcher) to open the signals for you, if no Dispatchers are on, open them yourself by looking under the signals, and using the !sopen command.

Accelerating and Decelerating

X1 is used when leaving/entering a Depot.

X2/X3 is used when moving between different stations inside of a Subway.

T1 is used when engaging brakes and before entering a station, always plan your braking ahead!

T1A and T2 is alternated when decelerating to reach a speed and to stop at the given grey signal of a station, try to always get close to it, not past it, not too much past or behind it.