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The Metrostroi categories in the Entities tab of the spawnmenu

If you have properly installed Metrostroi, you should see 3 new categories under the "Entities" tab in the spawnmenu (hold Q):

  • Metrostroi
  • Metrostroi (trains)
  • Metrostroi (utility)

There are 2 ways to spawn a train:

Using the Train Spawner

Under the Entities tab, click "Metrostroi" then Train Spawner.

Spawning trains with train spawner.png

You will be shown a dialog box of options which will allow you to customise the type of train you want to spawn, and the individual options for that train (some trains have more options than others)

Train spawner.png

When spawning a custom-type train, such as the 81-717 Moscow custom, you are afforded a far greater degree of scrutiny over the train's cosmetics and features.

Train spawner 2.png

Set whatever settings you are presented with in accordance with your preferences, then click the spawn button.

You will now be given a toolgun that projects a preview of how the train will spawn. Point the toolgun at the tracks so that the train snaps into position, making sure to accommodate the other train cars that will spawn behind it.

Badspawn1.jpg Badspawn2.jpg Badspawn3.jpg Goodspawn.jpg

Once it is in position, left click to spawn the train.

Manually spawning trains

To manually spawn in a train, select the train cars from the "Metrostroi (trains)" category in the Entities tab. The trains will be dropped into the world in front of you in a cold-and-dark state. They will need to be manually lifted onto the tracks using the physics gun and started up using the full procedure. Spawning trains manually.png